What is old becomes new again and this is so true when it comes to color, art and design trends for this year.  We are seeing a resurgence in those 1980’s colors.  Going back a few more centuries, we find an artist who is repurposing “old” art into new by taking lithographs from the 18th and 19th century and breathing life into them, making them relevant to our spaces in the twenty-first century.  Finally, we see the number one restaurant in New York decide to slam its doors shut and conduct an interior design remodel.  Why?  They know they can be better by taking pieces of their past and literally forging them into their future.  Through this, they have added heart, soul and relevance to their space.  This is what great color, art and design does; it transforms places into space by taking the familiar and adding whimsy, relevance, soul, or ideally, all of the above.  Using pieces, materials and colors from other decades, centuries and even millennia, never gets old.