In the age of color, sometimes the complete saturation or absence of it can have a profound effect.  One way we have seen this manifested is in the recent use of black as not just an accent, but a strong exterior color.

In fact, at the recent winter Olympic games, an entire building wrapped in black engulfed nearly all light that hit it, creating a virtual black hole.  The result was stunning and showed not only what color can do, but the result created with the swallowing of light.

While this made for a powerful visual when the eyes of the world were focused on South Korea, does it work in an everyday application?  It seems more and more homeowners are giving it a try.  The idea of a slathering your home in black paint may seem a bit morose, but it is becoming increasingly popular.  The New York Times recently profiled a home completely covered in black paint and HGTV’s 2018 Dream Home was encased in Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black.

Love it or hate it… it definitely is an exterior color we are keeping our eye on.