Happy New Year!

As we launch into a new year, we see new colors from a variety of paint manufacturers and Pantone begin to roll out.  This year, it is interesting to note the diversity of these colors and a return to bold hues after the drab and downright depressing colors we saw during and following the Great Recession. Just as we have seen the 1980’s return in fashion, we are seeing many of those same tones pop up in paint and design colors this year.  However, unlike their 80’s originals, these colors are more sophisticated, thanks to nuanced undertones.  Take a look at Pantone’s Ultra Violet this year, which is exceptionally calming.

Remember those bright teals from a few decades past?  They are back again, but with a contemporary vibe.  Sherwin Williams called this out in their pick of Oceanside as their color of 2018.  In addition, note that we haven’t left the organic colors of last year behind with the references to nature still popping up.

Finally, a color leader for decades, Benjamin Moore did not shy away from bold tones with their choice of Caliente, which in Spanish means “hot,”  for this year!  This color is just as bold as any red of the 80’s, but once again, notice the subtle complexities that make it feel right at home in a 21st century palette.

While other paint manufacturers and designers have released their color for the year, we are most excited to see the grays going away.  While they are not extinct, they are headed out, just like tan did about 10 years ago.  Expect to see more off whites as the new tan/gray with these big, bold and yet complex colors mentioned above popping up to become the focal point of a palette.

It should be a colorful year!