Three Savvy Ways to use Paint Colors for your Multifamily Property

Before you spend an immense amount paying a painter, especially on a multifamily property, here are three quick ways to make sure you are getting the best bang for you buck by choosing the right paint colors:

  1. Consider your target demographic!   Who is that you want to live in this property?  What appeals to this client?  How can you use color to create a sense of space and place for this potential resident?  Each color has a connotation  when it comes to branding, whether it is a bottle of soda or your property.  We use these color connotations to build value and send a subliminal and affirming message.
  2. Remember the power of doors!  When touring a property, the first object a potential resident will touch will typically be the door.  Make it count by choosing the right color that is both memorable and inviting.  Here’s a great list of colors to go with and those to avoid.
  3. Don’t neglect the Leasing Office and Club House!  You don’t have a second chance to make a first impression and the same is true of the first building a potential resident will notice when driving onto the property, which is the leasing office.  You will want this to both complementary to the residential units and yet distinct to the rest of property to guide prospective tenants to your property manager and employees.

While there are far more than three ways to use paint colors to build your brand and increase the return on your paint investment, these are just a few that will be most readily apparent to your perspective residents.  Creating a multi-family property that is inviting, memorable and shows pride of ownership can all be accomplished through the right color palette and strategic color location.