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Color Consulting

Color has power and meaning – it can impact how we feel and how we act.  At our core, Color Works is a boutique firm that specializes in color selection and placement with an emphasis on exterior paint color. We are experienced and certified color consultants. Our focus and small staff allows us to provide you with personalized service that will exceed your expectations.  We have colored projects ranging from multifamily housing complexes and professional offices, to hospitals and government buildings.

Color is critical and selecting the right color design the first time will save money, stress and valuable time.  Our approach to color starts with assessing your needs, reviewing comparable properties in the market, making an initial selection of several palettes and preparing photo renderings based on your feedback.  We have a step-by-step approach that is guaranteed to provide you with the results you are seeking.  At the conclusion, you will be left with a complete color guide detailing the final color selections for your records and for your contractor to follow.

We understand that context is important and have worked in all regions of the United States and with all demographics.  We save you money on your project by working with you remotely to select colors.  This is done through the use of high resolution photographs, video and aerial photography.  You can trust Color Works to work with you to enhance the most positive attributes of your property.

One of our most common service remains coloration related to multifamily properties and we take pride knowing that thousands of individuals and families reside in multifamily homes that were colored by our team.

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Art Procurement

Color Works can assist you with procurement, professional display and installation of art pieces to enhance your property and set it apart, creating a unique and inviting space.  Our art consultancy has an emphasis on non-residential properties and specializes in fine art, photography, bronze, clay, metal, and contemporary art and other mediums.  We can also assist with unique custom exhibits, interpretive displays and other installations.

We take your vision and turn it into a reality. From a single piece of art to over a hundred pieces of various mediums for a hospital, we have the expertise and resources to create your vision of making your space stand out with unique and original pieces.  Our primary focal areas include art for the following types of properties (see our portfolio here):


  • Medical
  • Institutional
  • Educational
  • Governmental
  • Office

Color Works partners with you to take your idea from conception to reality by communicating your desires and procuring artists that meet your goals.  We create proposal packets, evaluate artist submittals, handle contract and billing arrangements with the artist(s), develop timelines, meet deadlines and see the project through from early conception to large public unveilings, depending on your desires and objectives. Art is not an afterthought for us; it is seminal and integral to the overall design of a project. Contact us for ease in integrating art into your space.


At Color Works, we approach design in a comprehensive way that seeks to meet the needs of the client through a value-added process.  Clients that utilize our design and project management services have a firm in their corner that is committed to maximizing value, ensuring purposeful design, and seeing the project through to completion.  This includes providing cost-effective finishes, creative solutions to problems and creating a look that provides the feel you desire within your budget.

We take many variables into consideration with the goal of creating the largest return on investment.  These partially include:

  • Target demographic
  • How you want the space to look and feel
  • The architecture
  • Natural and artificial lighting
  • Competitors’ design and style
  • Any code compliance requirements
  • Existing and desired landscaping
  • Existing and desired materials, such as stacked stone
  • Lot placement
  • Branding
Even good design can fail if the needs of the client and the intended users of the facility have not been fully considered.  Further, numerous projects that look great on paper end up poorly executed by contractors and construction professionals because of insufficient oversight and direction.  Color Works fills this niche in the process and acts to protect the interests of our client.  Having worked on small project and those with budgets in excess of $15 million, Color Works has the vision and expertise to ensure your project meets your highest ideal.  Contact us today if you would like to discuss your design and project management needs.

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