Culture is inextricably tied to color and has been for thousands of years.  The BBC recently profiled yellow, for instance, and the revelation of Indian Yellow is incredibly profound.  It was created by a process that allegedly restricted cows to a diet of mango leaves, leaving them in a state of near starvation.

Today, when we design color palettes, we are thinking about cultures of the target demographic a client is trying to reach and whether they are trying to make a “C property” a “B” or even “A” property.  We are asking questions, such as, “How do we use the paint budget in the most powerful way to attract the best possible occupant for the client?” Equally as important, we answer questions such as, “How do we use color to make these buildings feel like home and a naturally inviting and welcoming space for the target demographic?”  The reality is the color is very emotive and those emotions are undeniably interwoven with color.  

If you want to take your paint budget to the next level by looking at it through a sharp business lens, we are happy to visit with you about your next project!