The power of color in building your organization’s brand should be at the top of the portfolio manager’s mind when managing an asset.  In working with a variety of organizations, including hospitals, REITs, private portfolios, foundations, universities and others, most want to remodel a space on time and in budget.  However, the colors chosen for interior and exterior finishes profoundly impact what those frequenting the space will think of the organization’s brand.  Does the subliminal color messaging invoke curiosity, playfulness, liveliness, gravitas or a variety of other feelings that are the foundation of the organization’s brand?

When we start working with a client putting together a color portfolio for their asset, we always ask if the asset is going through a re-brand or if the brand will be freshened in any way.  The reason is, because we want to work hand-in-hand with those conducting the re-brand or initial brand development, whether that is a sign company, a graphic artist, a property manager and/or others.  Our goal is to pull all these entities and actions together to create a product that builds the brand through the implementation of a color palette the flows seamlessly through all aspects of the project.

While we like to be in on the front-end of brand management, we also understand that often signage is created before we join a project and we create complementary palettes to further enhance not only the signage and logos but also the entire brand of not only the property but the organization holding the asset.  Not only do we turn spaces into places, but we are in the business of color by building value into each asset.  What does each of your assets say about your organization through its branding?  How can we help?