After a very chaotic year, it is not surprising that paint colors are trending toward rooted and organic for 2021.  Most surprising and perhaps long overdue, the color gray has gone missing in nearly all colors and palettes debuting for the coming year.

This week started the Color of the Year season with two major paint manufacturers kicking off the speculation.  Sherwin Williams rolled out an organic, deep, and grounded color called Urbane Bronze for its 2021 Color of the Year.

Also this week, Farrow and Ball released their Colors of the Year when they arguably couldn’t limit it to one.  Known for sophisticated and nuanced color, this coming year’s chosen palette is also very organic and mimics the earthy tones permeating the color scene at the moment, but with more intensity.

One notable manufacturer has yet to release their pick and Benjamin Moore is expected to make its announcement on October 14.  This year, the paint company has even created a build-up to the announcement with the opportunity to watch live on Facebook as it is unveiled.

As the color projections continue to unfold, we will be keeping an eye out to see if gray continues to be conspicuously absent and also if earthy and grounded colors reflect what consumers, asset managers, and brand managers are looking for 2021.