Paint colors may not seem like an obvious way to build value into an asset, but they are one of the most architecturally relevant components of any property.  Take a look at the same asset with two different paint color palettes below.  While one looks tired and uninviting, the other looks chic, sophisticated, and a place a prospective tenant would want to call home and an asset manager would be happy to have in their portfolio.  The difference?  It is not a budget or schedule. This is the power of color and using it to build value into each and every asset.

Color contrast

Before and After

If an organization is repainting an asset, choosing a paint color palette that looks sophisticated and engaging to a prospective tenant will not cost any more money than choosing a marginal palette.

When it comes to the paint or construction budget, we strive for the greatest return on investment.  This means that whether this asset will be held for five years, ten years, or indefinitely, we create value for the owner.  If they choose to remodel the property at a later date, they have been able to have an extended aesthetic life on the asset, rather than trusting a paint store or an interior designer.  If the property is sold, we create the strongest aesthetic position to see the greatest returns on the investment.

This is why we partner with you to build value into each asset through every material, every color, and while keeping in budget and on schedule; this is how we turn spaces into places.