You asked: Please point me in the direction of effects of natural light on wall color. North, South, East and West all have their own reflective color and I need more information.

Natural light is a key element to look for and utilize in your home, especially when considering paint colors. Here are some helpful tips that may help you choose the right color. A few key points to remember; consider the time of day you spend the majority of your time in the room. Also, make sure and account not only for the natural light in the room, but the type of lighting you are using in your fixtures and lamps. This will greatly impact the overall paint color.

The North-Facing Room
This room is typically cooler since the hue of natural light is bluish. In this room the wall color will be a little subdued and bright colors could feel more muted here. North-facing rooms are typically a great room to collect oneself as the feeling from this natural light is calm and centering.

The East-Facing Room
The temperature in this room is starting to warm up a bit more as the morning sun filters in through the windows. The natural color reflecting on the walls is a yellowish tint. As the sun continues to move throughout the house this room will feel cooler as the day goes on.

The South-Facing Room
Certainly warmer than the East-facing room but not as warm as the West-facing room, the natural light will give this room an orange-yellow hue. Anyone who’s napped following the sun can attest to the South-facing room’s attributes of being relaxing, but for paint color selection the intensity of the light can make some colors feel washed out. Once again, you will want to assess how much time you spend in the room and during what part of the day. This will help you determine how intense of a shade you will want to use.

The West-Facing Room
As the sun sets in the afternoon the light that comes into a West-facing room is warm — in temperature and in color. The hue is usually an orange-red color. Avoid orange or red colors as the effect is going to be amplified by the natural lighting. The feeling in this room is certainly relaxed as the light comes from, usually, a scenic sunset.

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