Color. The psychology of color, color therapy, the cultural significance of color, color in spirituality — color is very significant and many people are afraid to utilize it for fear of creating an unwanted effect, not sure what colors to use … etc. Color Works can help get over that hump and effectively use color to help make a house feel more like a home.

Here’s a quick look into:

Color Psychology
This is the study of color as it affects human behavior. Some examples include blue as an appetite suppressant (great for plates) and oranges and yellows to stimulate the appetite (these colors are often found in fast food restaurants).

Color Therapy
For thousands of years the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese have studied and applied the affects of color to treat ailments in the body. Today it’s better understood that each color’s vibration has different qualities, or attributes, that allow the body to heal itself, whether it be through the stimulation and production of certain hormones or by influencing certain emotions.

Color and Culture
One color does not mean the same thing to all people. Let’s use death as an example: For Americans we think black, but in China white signifies death but in Brazil purple represents death. In this section we’ll uncover some of the cultural significance of color.

Color in Spirituality
Much of the varying degrees of color symbolism between cultures can likely be pointed back to that culture’s spiritual background. Within this section we’ll provide some insight to a particular hue’s significance in spirituality.