One of our favorite questions is, “Why hire an architectural color consultant?”  Let’s start with who this professional is and then explore whether or not they are a good fit for your project.

Who is an architectural color consultant?  This is a professional who not only has a great eye for color, but has been trained to understand color.  In addition, they have an intimate knowledge of architecture, architectural drawings, budgets, and other finishes.  This understanding allows an architectural color consultant to create a color palette that adds intrinsic value to an asset.

What do they do? An architectural color consultant looks at a fixed asset and determines how to best utilize both the client’s budget and the architectural details of the building to yield the aesthetic results the client is seeking along with the greatest return on investment.

When should I hire an architectural color consultant?  Whether a project is large or small, seeking the expert eye of an architectural color consultant is critical. Creating a professional-looking project requires professionals.  This is another reason to choose an architectural color consultant for any size of project to create the look, feel and value you are seeking.

Does location matter when hiring this person? While you may elect to have your architectural color consultant visit the asset location, a rapidly digital world is making it just as effective to hire one remotely.  Through the power of Zoom, Google Earth and other technological modalities, your architectural color consultant can create the results you desire at a cost you can afford.

Why should I employ these services?  Many wonder why another tradesperson already part of the project or someone with a “good eye” can’t be used to choose paint colors for a project.  While some are more gifted than others when it comes to color, an architectural color consultant is professionally trained to build an entire color palette and choose the appropriate locations to achieve the aesthetic look desired.

How much is this going to cost?  The cost varies, depending on the architectural color consultant’s experience, whether or not an in-person site visit is required and on the specific scope of services (for instance – are photo renderings provided, etc.).  Overall, the use of an architectural color consultant is usually a relatively small portion of the total project cost and the results create a sense of place for a single building or asset portfolio.

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