Global and national events and episodes can bring change to our daily lives in unexpected ways and color is a perfect medium to reflect our changing views of the world around us.  Jump back to the Great Recession and the ushering in of grays and deep dark tones.  These colors directly corresponded with the psychology of a country enduring a cataclysmic monetary meltdown.

By the same token, today we find ourselves in a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, and true to form, we are seeing plenty of grays, but also a ray of hope in the form of yellows and other brighter colors.  Pantone this year not only provided us with Ultimate Gray but also with a glimmer of optimism with this yellow called Illuminating.

When we are through with COVID-19, what colors do we see on the horizon?  A reflection of renewed possibilities and perhaps joy-filled and vibrant colors that move us away from this more muted time.  Think about that organic and still bright magenta pink found in an orchid.  Consider the yellow and oranges found in a perfectly ripe mango.  Also, expect to see more soothing organic colors take the stage as we find those olive-oil greens and even buttery yellows return.  Many of these colors are already making debuts on runways in recent weeks as projections for 2022 are headed down the catwalk.  While adjustments and adaptations will take place for fixed assets, we are welcoming with open arms the dawn of a new day and the vibrant and organic colors that will illumine the way.