Spacious Residence Remodel : Model Unit

Our team is thrilled to present the stunning transformation of this former bare condo into a captivating model unit, tailored to the discerning tastes of young working professionals seeking a sophisticated living experience in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. With a meticulous approach and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have redefined luxury living through a series of thoughtful design choices and attention to detail.

From the initial stages of space planning and conceptualization, we embarked on a journey to craft an environment that seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with utmost comfort. Every corner of this nearly 2,000 square feet space has been meticulously curated to reflect the modern sensibilities and refined tastes of our client’s discerning residents.

The basement has been transformed into a veritable haven for relaxation and entertainment, boasting a stylish movie room adorned with plush seating and large television. Complemented by a swanky bar exuding an air of sophistication, this space sets the stage for memorable gatherings and leisurely evenings with friends and family.

In the master bedroom, we sought to create an atmosphere of intimacy, incorporating luxurious textures and carefully selected elements that pay homage to the companionship of a four-legged friend. A thoughtfully placed desk provides a serene sanctuary for quiet moments of reflection and journaling, elevating the sense of personal indulgence within this private retreat.

Equally inviting, the second bedroom exudes an aura of luxury and comfort, offering a welcoming haven for guests or a potential roommate set up. Each bedroom boasts its own en suite bathroom, ensuring convenience and privacy for all who call this condo home.

Emphasizing the exclusive benefits of the quiet gated community, we have highlighted its security, privacy, and close proximity to an array of amenities, effectively showcasing the enhanced lifestyle that residents can enjoy within this esteemed locale.  We are proud to have brought this vision to life, crafting a sophisticated living space that seamlessly blends style, comfort, and luxury. We invite you to experience the allure of what we can create at your property.

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