Spacious Residence Remodel : Leasing Office and Clubhouse

In one of our recent projects, we revitalized a tired leasing office in the heart of Ohio, transforming it into a modern haven that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics. The key to this transformation lies in strategic choices in lighting, fixtures, art, and furniture.

Strategic lighting, combining ambient and task lighting, dispelled the dullness of the space, while updated fixtures brought a contemporary touch. The area above the fireplace became a focal point with carefully curated art pieces, adding sophistication and personality.

One of the boldest moves was the introduction of plush green velvet couches, injecting a vibrant splash of color and luxury. These statement pieces not only anchored the room but also created a harmonious interplay of textures and colors.

This leasing office makeover stands as a testament to the impact of thoughtful design choices. By addressing lighting, fixtures, art, and furniture strategically, we succeeded in creating a space that not only meets practical needs but also leaves a lasting, positive impression on visitors—an inviting environment ready to welcome potential tenants.

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