Revitalizing Lakeside Living: A Fresh Palette for a Lake Elsinore’s Multifamily Asset

Nestled on the serene shores of Lake Elsinore, CA, stood a two-story multifamily property yearning for a modern makeover. Its outdated yellow-tone paint and mallard green accents clashed with the natural beauty of the lake, deterring potential residents from seeing its true potential. At Color Works Design, we envisioned a transformation that would not only refresh the building’s appearance but also attract a new target demographic seeking stylish, lakeside living.

We introduced a sophisticated color palette inspired by the lake’s calming hues, replacing the old yellow with elegant blue-grays that mirror the tranquil waters. A crisp white trim was added to provide a striking contrast, accentuating the property’s architectural details and lending it a fresh, inviting look. This revitalized exterior not only harmonizes with the lakeside environment but also appeals to modern sensibilities, making the property a desirable residence for those who appreciate both nature and contemporary design.

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