This cheery and warm color is bright enough to still get people’s attentions. It comes as no surprise that Post-Its utilizes this color to attract attention without alarming the recipient, like the color red. As with orange, yellow can increase metabolism and is often found in fast food restaurants.

Color Therapy
Yellow is associated with the following qualities:

  • Energizing
  • Relieving of depression
  • Improving memory
  • Stimulating appetite

Color and Culture
The culture surrounding the color yellow paints it in a varied light. To be yellow is to be a coward. Why? Throughout history the color has been used to mark out “traitors”— in France the doors of traitor’s were painted yellow and during the Spanish inquisition the victims wore yellow robes to signify that they were guilty of heresy and treason.

But not all history of the color yellow is so negative. The ancient Maya associated the color with the direction South and the glyph for the world “yellow” means “precious” and “ripe.”

Furthermore, The Beatles and the “Yellow Submarine” serve as another reminder of the fun and happy associations yellow has throughout culture.

Color in Spirituality
Yellow, as well as purple, are one of the colors used to represent Easter. It comes from the crocus flower, which blooms in Europe in the spring. 

In Eastern religions, such as Hinduism, the color yellow is representative of the third chakra or the solar plexus.