In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, this Color Power takes a look into the color pink. Strongly associated with femininity, the pink ribbon has been the international symbol for breast cancer awareness since 1985. In fact, this year the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrating 25 years.

Pink is well-known for symbolizing femininity as well as being a color of romance, love and gentle feelings. The color has a calming effect and, as a result, used in many unexpected places. Places such as locker rooms for the opposing team in order to keep their players feeling passive.

Color Therapy
Pink is associated with the following qualities:

* Soothing anger
* Awakening compassion
* Affection and love
* Purity
* Increasing sensitivity

Color and Culture
The femininity association of this color has weaved its way through culture including with clothing brands such as Victoria Secret’s “Pink,” the pink cadillac that became the trademark for Mary Kay, as well as the “Pink Ladies” for the girl gang in Grease.

However, the color has also covered some gender-neutral ground as well, including with: seeing pink elephants, getting the pink slip and icons like Pink Floyd and the Pink Panther.

Color in Spirituality
In Catholicism, rose (or pink) is used to note joy and happiness and its use is seen on the Third Sunday of Advent and the Fourth Sunday of Lent. In some Protestant denominations, a pink candle is lit on the Fourth Sunday of Advent or “The Sunday of Love.”

Meher Baba, a spiritual leader in India, would wear the color pink to please his closest female follower. Today pink, symbolizing love, is still a significant color to Baba’s followers.

Pink is also associated with the heart chakra and the most well-known gemstone associated with this chakra is the rose quartz.