Our Projects

Here you’ll discover what Color Works does best, including color selection, branding, boutique design services, and art sourcing and installation. In each of these projects, we worked closely with clients to intentionally transform and add value to their spaces.

Your goal is dramatic improvements to the asset or space and, to reach that goal, we balance creativity with practicality. We meet deadlines, work with your budget, and create a space users connect with. From coast to coast, we’ve seen countless projects through from start to finish.

“Students have arrived, and let me just tell you how impressed everyone was. I wish you all could have hung out in the lobby to see everyone’s faces as they walked into the doors. When I mentioned at the start of one class there was a ‘student study lounge’ five students got so excited they walked out of class to see it! Another student said, ‘Now I don’t feel like I am walking into a thrift store!’ Everyone was blown away!”

Ben Baxter

Division Chair, Oklahoma Baptist University

Rental increases up to 20%

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