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This month’s Highlights takes us to Houston to a gated community of duplexes on the west side of the city.  This community was awash in beige, with the exception of some stacked stone facades.  As a result, there was no architectural intrigue and the entire property felt tired and uninviting.  In addition, the white garage doors looked nondescript and cheap.

The challenge with this property was creating enough intrigue across its many nearly identical units while still creating a unifying look that branded the property as a cohesive and intentional development.  We also wanted to help the two different types of stacked stone pop out more, as this was one of the key interesting components on the property and really helped with differentiation since there was only one building plan for the entire site.

How did we get there?  We decided to pull in four different body colors and ensure two worked very well with light stacked stone and the other two worked well with the darker stacked stone.  Then, using a bright white, we created architectural interest by highlighting the fascia and trim.  Finally, we anchored out those garage doors and front doors in a sophisticated black to add depth to the palette.  Finally, we took the property map and decided how to mix up the dominant body colors so this looked like a neighborhood with random colors rather than a row development.  The result?  An inviting asset with a dramatically increased value thanks to the strategic utilization of color and location.  Ultimately, this meant a greater ROI for this client. To see the Before and After of this project, click here.

Do you have a project you want to discuss?  We look forward to hearing from you!

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