Southwest Refresh: Exterior Color

Calming Arizona Palette:

Nestled amidst the picturesque Arizona landscape, a five-story multifamily property now stands as a testament to a remarkable transformation. Its tired rust and lime colors have now been replaced, giving way to a refreshing change from its former state.  Here’s how we did it!

The decision to repaint the property had come as no surprise, given Arizona’s unique natural beauty. The harsh desert climate, with its blazing sun and scorching temperatures, had demanded a palette that not only complemented but also cooled the senses. The chosen colors for this ambitious project are now cool, calming, and sophisticated blues, mirroring the hues found in the vast desert landscape.

The transformation is more than just a paint job; it is an homage to the natural wonders of Arizona. As the rust and lime colors were replaced by a spectrum of blues reminiscent of clear desert skies and tranquil waters, the property had undergone a visual metamorphosis. The new color scheme evoked a sense of serenity and relaxation, offering residents and visitors a respite from the relentless desert sun.

But it hadn’t stopped there. The property had been adorned with beautiful palm trees, which had found their colors mirrored in the building’s exterior. The juxtaposition of the rich blue tones against the vibrant greens of the palm trees created a harmonious balance, enhancing the property’s overall aesthetic appeal.

The repainted multifamily property had stood as a beacon of elegance amidst the arid Arizona landscape. Its cool, calming, and sophisticated blues had not only refreshed the building’s exterior but had also rejuvenated the spirit of those who called it home. As residents step out into the revitalized green spaces, they are greeted by a sense of peace and a visual oasis, perfectly complementing the beauty of Arizona’s natural surroundings. This project hasn’t just been about repainting; it is about transforming a tired structure into a desert gem, a place where tranquility met modern living.

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