Salish Sea Inspired West Coast Exterior Recolor

Transforming a Century-Old Apartment Complex: A Modern Makeover for Seattle

In a suburb of Seattle, a nearly 100-year-old apartment complex stood as a relic of the past. Its once vibrant exterior, adorned in browns, reds, and royal blues, had long faded into a tired and outdated appearance. The building cried out for a revival that would not only restore its charm but also make it appealing to the modern market and generate the ROI its owner desired.

The Vision: From Browns and Reds to Sophisticated Blues and Grays

Our vision was clear: transform the tired, mismatched palette into one that exudes sophistication and relevance. We chose a range of blues and grays, colors that align with contemporary design trends and reflect the cool, often misty climate of the Pacific Northwest. These hues would modernize the building’s appearance and help it blend seamlessly with Seattle’s skyline and natural surroundings.

Building Longevity and Color Choices

Given Seattle’s harsh coastal climate, it was essential to choose colors and finishes that would stand the test of time:

  1. Durable Shades: Darker tones like deep navy and slate gray are less prone to show the effects of sun exposure.

  2. Resistant Finishes: The paints were specifically formulated to resist the wear and tear caused by salt air and moisture.

  3. Low Maintenance Colors: Blues and grays conceal dirt and stains, reducing long-term upkeep costs.

  4. Harmonious with the Environment: These cool, muted tones harmonize with the natural coastal surroundings, enhancing the building’s aesthetic.

The Result: A Modern, Market-Ready Masterpiece

The transformation was dramatic. The once drab exterior now boasts a sophisticated look that appeals to modern urban dwellers. The update significantly increased the building’s market value and occupancy rates, delivering the ROI the owner was looking for.

Conclusion: The Power of a Thoughtful Update

This project highlights the transformative power of thoughtful design. By choosing a sophisticated, geographically relevant color palette, we breathed new life into the building and created a space that tenants are eager to call home.

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