Revitalizing Senior Living: A Greek-Inspired Transformation

When a senior living facility in a charming Sacramento suburb approached us for an exterior makeover, they desired a design that would not only rejuvenate their space but also pay homage to their Greek-inspired name. We immediately envisioned the crisp whites and bright blues of the Greek Isles, a classic combination that exudes both vibrancy and elegance. However, we aimed to strike the perfect balance, ensuring the bold blue was used in a way that enhanced rather than overwhelmed the property.

By integrating the vibrant blue into key architectural elements and pairing it with a sophisticated white palette, we achieved a look that brought the property to life. The result was a senior living facility that radiated freshness and modernity, far removed from the stereotypical “old” feel. This thoughtful application of color not only honored the facility’s Greek theme but also added a touch of sophistication and charm, making it a standout in the community.

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