New Construction: Hospital Lobby and Common Space

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The design of a hospital wing plays a crucial role in promoting a soothing and healing environment for patients, visitors, and staff.  Through the integration of a water feature, textures, signage, and branding in the lobby and common space of this newly constructed three-story hospital wing in Oklahoma, were able to enhance the overall ambiance and functionality for those stepping in and for those who work here.

Water Feature:

A carefully crafted water feature, such as a serene fountain or cascading wall, can provide a sense of tranquility and create a calming atmosphere in the hospital environment. The gentle sound of flowing water and the visual appeal of its movement can help reduce stress and anxiety for patients and visitors alike. This specific feature even has LED light changing colors to mesmerize young and old alike. Additionally, water features can contribute to improving air quality by adding moisture to the surrounding environment.

Signage, Branding, and Wayfinding:

Clear and well-designed signage is essential in a hospital setting to guide visitors and patients efficiently. Thoughtfully placed signage can provide clear directions to various departments, clinics, and amenities, reducing confusion and enhancing overall wayfinding. Incorporating branding elements, such as the hospital logo or motto, into the signage design can create a cohesive and recognizable identity, fostering a sense of trust and familiarity among patients and visitors.

Textures and Finishes:

In addition to the water feature, integrating various textures and finishes throughout the hospital wing can significantly impact its ambiance. For example, incorporating natural elements like wood and stone finishes seen here can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The careful selection of materials can also help to create a sense of cleanliness essential in a healthcare environment. By incorporating a balance of smooth and textured surfaces, such as polished counters and textured ceiling panels, the design can provide visual interest and a tactile experience for visitors.

By integrating key design elements into this hospital wing, the ambiance and functionality of the facility can be greatly enhanced. These design elements contribute to a soothing environment, reduce stress, enhance wayfinding, and reinforce the hospital’s identity. Additionally, the use of different textures and finishes creates visual interest and a tactile experience for visitors. Ultimately, this holistic approach to design ensures that patients, visitors, and staff are greeted with an atmosphere that promotes healing, comfort, and positivity in a visually appealing and functional space.

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