Creating Class in California

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Built in the early 1970’s, this property in Southern California has great architectural lines and exceptional landscaping. However, the drab dark browns and lime green paint palette failed to accentuate the property’s unique details and original design. Although mid-century design has been popular for the last five years, we are seeing a resurgence in late 70’s and 80’s design. What does this entail? Most notably, a return to nature. This direction, coupled with the robust landscaping was the perfect combination to pick a natural palette for this asset.

First, we wanted to brighten the property and highlight those beautiful and crisp lines. We did so by using a white that created clean differentiation. Then, we brought in a neutral paint color that while gray, was softer and more in keeping with the natural elements. To accent and make the balconies stand out in a tasteful way, we added a more pigmented neutral with greener undertones. This allowed us to proudly anchor the property within its temporal period, while more strongly linking to the natural elements represented by the older trees and mature landscaping. Finally, we integrated a deep, rich, and bold black color for the doors to provide a rich feeling that completed the palette.

The result? This 131-unit property has new life for both the residents and its investors. Do you have a project that needs freshening? Reach out today!

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