A wide variety of colors are found in nature, which can be invigorating and serve as an inspiration point for the creation of your paint color palette. Rather than focusing on all the various landscapes across our great continent, focus on your part of the country.

Here in the Southwest, you will find cacti greens, bright reds from cacti flowers, the bright pinks of the Bougainvillea, and rich purples found in Lantana. By the same token, the rust color of the dirt found in Sedona and even latte color of the sand on the Valley’s floor provide a great neutral palette. The best part of living in the desert is the ability to bring the outdoors in and indoors out through transitional living.

Regardless of whether you living in a warm climate, how do you create a seamless transition from the exterior to interior of your home? Through the use of color on the largest feature in your home, which is the walls. While you can delve into the deeper shades of the hues mentioned above, you can also choose small percentages of each hue to make a more “quiet” and harmonious palette. A subtle yellow or sage green allows for the perfect merging of nature and your habitat.

Whether you find yourself in Seattle or Saratoga, let the great outdoors be your guide!