Did you know you can Go Green with your paint? We don’t mean the color green, but the type of paint used. The first edition of “green paints” had low VOCs. Now, you can find paint without any measurable VOCs.

What are VOCs? VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These compounds pollute your indoor air quality. You may also notice that paint has that typical smell whenever you crack open a can. This is caused by VOCs and explains why you may want to pay a few extra dollars to help protect the environment and youg lungs.

What are your options? Here are a couple of brands that we like and they come in a variety of finishes, including primers, flats, eggshells and semi-glosses:

  • Frazee: Envirokote
  • Dunn Edwards: Ecoshield
  • Sherwinn Williams: Harmony
  • Behr: Does not have a designated “green” product line, but its Premium Plus Enamel in low-luster has very small number of VOCs.

Perhaps you are questioning whether you are going to sacrifice quality for going green. This is a great question and Consumer Reports recently rated green paints by their quality and amount of VOCs. While you can’t get the exact ratings without a subscription to the online service, you can read their report by visiting this direct link to the Consumer Reports website.