In a world where opportunities can be scarce, organizations making a profound impact stand out. Color Works Cares is one such beacon of hope, recently contributing $25,000 to help complete a school in Mavuno Village, Tanzania. This generous donation is an investment in Tanzania’s future, breaking the cycle of disease and poverty through education.


Mavuno Village’s vision is to transform Tanzania by empowering its youth. Situated in a country with diverse culture and daunting challenges, Mavuno Village honors the nation’s cultural heritage while providing education, care, and training for its children, shaping them into future leaders.

Education is at the core of Mavuno Village’s mission. Recognizing that education empowers individuals to overcome adversity, the organization provides quality education to vulnerable children. Color Works Cares’ $25,000 contribution significantly advances Mavuno’s mission and symbolizes hope for the entire community.

Mavuno Village believes that children thrive best in a family environment. Orphaned or vulnerable children, as identified by Tanzania’s Social Welfare System, are placed in homes on the Mavuno campus, cared for by Tanzanian caregivers. This holistic approach ensures children experience love and support within a family structure and learn Tanzanian culture.

“We believe God created families as the context in which we learn about love and relationships, life and godliness,” says Dan

Tanner, Mavuno Village’s Director. “Through the homes and families they are placed in, the kids are also connected to school, church, and village life. This holistic approach ensures that the children not only receive an education but also develop essential life skills and values.”

The partnership between Color Works Cares and Mavuno Village is a testament to the power of compassion and faith. This donation demonstrates corporate responsibility extending beyond profits. It’s a vote of confidence in Mavuno’s vision—a brighter future for Tanzania.

In conclusion, Color Works Cares’ $25,000 donation to Mavuno Village is a testament to compassion, faith, and belief in every child’s potential. It emphasizes the importance of education, family, and spiritual support in breaking the cycle of poverty and disease. Through this partnership, Mavuno Village is not just building a school; it’s building a brighter future, one child at a time.

Change is possible when individuals and organizations unite to make a difference. Color Works Cares and Mavuno Village serve as beacons of hope, illuminating a path to a brighter future for Tanzania’s children.