Why are bright, colorful things so cheerful and why is America so afraid of them? I’ve spent my whole life becoming fascinated by color and it’s combinations, from fingerpaintings to oil paintings to colorful gemstone jewelry. I’ve often wondered why so many cultures embrace and celebrate color while my own seems to suppress and marginalize it. In Mexico, colorful living is standard practice, a way of releasing control over their lives and giving it back to God. In America, only the fringe live colorfully: artists, bohemians, hippies. Here, a colorful outfit is a sign of a dangerous mind, of an impulsive rule-breaker, of someone who’s not afraid to stick out.

My mom had us playing with color as far back as I can remember. She’d set us up at the kitchen table with watercolors or crayons and we’d just go to town for hours! I remember that new boxes of sharp crayons or pristine, unmuddied watercolor sets were the most exciting presents. I used to get so distressed when, in my haste, I’d muddied up a once bright yellow pan of watercolor. Mom would always swoop in with a napkin and resuscitate my sunny friend. I suppose that this early training predisposed me to a love of colorful things….Color + Design Blog / Cultural Color Differences: Mexico & USA by COLOURlovers :: COLOURlovers