Making a difference

We’re proud to share our skills, time and products with non-profits and charities around our nation …and in our backyard. 

We see the benefit of ontological design when we work on client projects. By supporting charities and community projects, our firm is able to bring that benefit to those in need of a safe and beautiful space.

Additionally, engaging in charitable work allows our team members to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment beyond our regular daily projects.

For Color Works, involvement in corporate social responsibility is not merely an act of philanthropy; it’s a strategic decision that brings benefits to our firm, the community, and the environment. By donating goods and time to local charities, the firm creates a positive impact that extends far beyond the realm of business, showcasing a commitment to making a meaningful difference in society.


Donation of Goods

When an item arrives damaged but usable, we work with our vendors to allow donation of the item to a charity local to the current project.

Donation of time

We cover payroll for 1 day every year for any member of our team volunteering at an architecturally based charity local to them. As a 100% virtual team, this allows personal impact in communities around our nation.

Donation of skills

For select non-profits dear to our hearts, we offer complimentary design consulting and planning. Too many of these amazing shelters are operating on less than they need, and we offer what we can where we can.

Charity makes no decrease in property

-Arabian Proverb


Donations from a project in Arizona were made possible after we ordered extra items to use for marketing and photography purposes.

North Carolina

Some beautiful items came in slightly damaged, or double shipped for a project in North Carolina. We negotiated with our vendors to donate these items instead of returning and we able to provide A Lotta Love (Changing homeless lives one room at at time) with a wonderful selection of accent pieces for the people they support.

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At Color Works, we believe in the power of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its ability to create positive change within our communities. That’s why we’re thrilled to share the latest contribution from our CSR initiative, Color Works Cares. We recently donated two beautiful nightstands from a project in Columbus, Ohio, to a remarkable nonprofit organization in the same city, The Furniture Bank of Ohio.

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Tanzania, Africa

Color Works Cares’ $25,000 donation to Mavuno Village is a testament to compassion, faith, and belief in every child’s potential. It emphasizes the importance of education, family, and spiritual support in breaking the cycle of poverty and disease. Through this partnership, Mavuno Village is not just building a school; it’s building a brighter future, one child at a time.

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North Carolina

By collaborating with the Salvation Army in Charlotte, North Carolina, Color Works Cares reaffirmed its dedication to supporting the local community and fostering an environment of hope and well-being.

Recognizing their value and the potential positive impact they could have on the lives of individuals and families in need, Color Works Cares made the thoughtful decision to donate items that did not meet client specifications. 

The donated items, though not meeting the original client’s criteria, were still of high quality and utility, making them valuable contributions to the lives of those benefiting from the services of the Salvation Army in the local community.

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" Thanks so very much for your wonderful donations! They will be utilized at various homeless and women's shelters in the triangle area to brighten and freshen their spaces. We are so very grateful! Your donations change lives (they really do!)."

A Lotta Love