This month’s Highlights takes us to Michigan.  This property outside of Detroit felt more like barracks than a welcoming multifamily community.  The red brick and dated front doors were ready for a facelift.  With nearly 100,000 people in this suburb, this property has a high occupancy rate and the residents and owner were ready to bring this property up to speed.

Not only does the asset have a number of buildings, but they are all nearly identical.  Creating visual breaks was a necessity in this design.  In addition, we had numerous materials to work with, including brick, straight lap siding, shake siding, and shutters.  Each of these provided a unique opportunity to introduce color in a cohesive and visually stimulating way.

To achieve the goals for the property, we brought in a softer palette.  This really helped calm the harsh nature of the brick.  In addition, we kept the property anchored by placing a darker and richer color on the brick and lightening the upper stories.  Using a brighter white, we created a light architectural line on the fascia.  Finally, we grounded the doors and shutters by unifying them into the deepest color in the palette, which is a rich black.  The result is a property that has been brought up to today’s aesthetics while also keeping the property relevant for at least the next decade, which was one of the property owner’s goals.  To see more of this project, click here!

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