This month’s Highlights takes us to Miami and true to form, it is filled with flair.  A quick caveat: a creative color consultant will always consider the context when choosing colors.  For instance, what plays well in Florida will likely not in Maine.  Knowing geography and what suits the culture and aesthetic palette in each city and region is critical.

Meanwhile, back in Miami, this mid-century multifamily property lacked color, differentiation, and any reference to its architecture.  What began as a sea of monochromatic block walls was broken up into a property reflecting the vibrance and culture that is the Magic City!

The asset was dominated by a significant number of large block structures.  Breaking the lines of these monoliths in a surprising and fresh way through an intentional color palette added intrigue and a place for the eye to rest.  Also, the front doors were begging for a pop of color that would also add interest and round out the palette.

We were also able to include a bit of “visual frosting” through the integration of a gorgeous mural around the dominant pool area that took the chosen palette to the next level.

The result?  A great ROI, a property re-positioned in the market at a higher rent rate, an asset the portfolio manager can either sell or hold and a place numerous residents are happy to call “home.”  To see more of this makeover, click here.  If you have a project you want to explore, let’s chat.