This month’s Highlights take us to Tempe, Arizona and the home of an apartment complex stuck in 1981. The dingy tans, orange “belly band” and dark brown accents were tired and ready for a facelift. In a desire to differentiate this apartment complex from a sea of competitors in a university town, we opted to go for a more contemporary palette while not pushing the architecture beyond what it could aesthetically handle.

The roof tiles are a hallmark of southwest design and while they can seem limiting given their deep orange hues, as architectural color consultants, we intentionally incorporated these enduring tiles into the palette to create a complementary look. Other unique architectural features include chimneys, patios and balconies and single-story casita-style apartments.

When creating the exterior color design for this multifamily property, we partnered with the asset manager, property manager and the whole project team to create a palette that is relevant to both the architecture and contemporary norms. The result? A beautiful blend of lighter tones with an air of sophistication for the body. The belly band, chimney and railing of the balconies received an earthy green that pairs impeccably with the orange tile and adds a richness to the palette. The crisp white line on the fascia, window frames and balconies create clean lines. The final product is one that is visually appealing, easy to market and creates a sizable return on investment for the owner making 505 West this month’s Highlight! For all the images of this property, click here.