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Design is a business, not a hobby.

…we are here to make you profitable.

Virtual Strategy Meetings

You have the drive!

You just need the expertise.

Your clients love your work. They give you rave reviews, but you’re still not sure if you’re a serious business. You excel at the creative side but words like scale, target demographics, marketing, systems, and financial statements aren’t in your wheelhouse — yet.

You need to talk to someone who’s been there. A designer who took her creative business and turned it into a nationwide organization with a team and more client referrals than they can count.
Katie works with a limited number of designers each year to help scale their business, put effective and efficient process into place, and create a profitable model that’s anything but a hobby.


What areas can you work on?

Goal Setting

Do you know how to set achievable goals?  Where do you see your business in 1 year, 3 years and 5 years?  Do you know how to get there effectively and efficiently?

Relationship Communication

How do you foster your relationship with your clients and your team? How do you build loyalty and promote consistency?

Stress Management

Are you feeling overwhelmed with scaling? Let’s make sure your taking the right steps to protecting your most valuable asset – you.

Career Advice

Personalized for YOU. Business is business, but what path is best for you?

Work with Katie

50-minute Coaching Package


What you´ll get:

  • A 50-minute strategy call to discuss actionable steps to address your biggest pain points and develop a plan to grow your business
  • A recording of the Zoom session

About your Coach

Get to Know Katie

Katie Decker began Color Works in 2007 to combine her love of color and beautiful design with her business savvy and the experience she gained while earning her MBA and certification from the International Association of Color Consultants and Designers. The result is a process-driven design firm that emphasizes your ROI just as much as it does choosing the right color. What began as a part-time endeavor is now a multi-million dollar business born of smart and intentional growth.

When her children were young, Katie kept clients to a minimum and limited her services to take care of her children, who she still calls her Most Important Clients. Once the kids began school, she expanded the offerings she had been longing to add, such as full interior and exterior design, art procurement, and branding. The result was an unprecedented net growth of nearly 1,500% in a single year as she has scaled her business into a coast-to-coast operation to meet the needs and wants of her clients. In a single year, her firm now takes on up to 100 unique projects.

Not only does Katie know the business of design, but she knows how to share her knowledge with you. Since 2005, she has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at Marist University, the University of Arizona, Southern New Hampshire University, and Post University. Courses taught include Applied Marketing Strategies, Baldridge Principles and Quality Standards, Business Ethics, Elements of Organizations, Managerial Communications, Interpersonal Communication, Essentials of Human Communication, and Materials and Inventory Management.

In their own words

I needed big picture thinking and am so thankful she provided that.

“I had the pleasure of working with Katie as I built my business. I loved that Katie made me feel heard. She validated my thoughts and feelings towards ideas. I could send her ideas and talk through them to develop a process of implementation, or realize it’s not the right fit for my business. As a fellow entrepreneur/mom, I felt like she had my best interest at heart and I could connect with her. I have a hard time seeing the big picture and she helped guide me. She had me think about how I want to market myself, who I myself as,and where I want to go with my business. I needed big picture thinking and am so thankful she provided that. From building a brand to producing a logo, having a color scheme, and thinking about the growth of my business, Katie provided it all.”

Andrea Beck

Want to work with Katie?

Welcome to “Colorful Conversations with Katie”! Join us for a vibrant webcast where we seamlessly blend the realms of design and business in a fun and professional setting. Available on YouTube or any of your favorite podcast platforms!

Hosted by the dynamic Katie Decker-Erickson, a seasoned expert with nearly 20 years of experience in both fields, this engaging series promises to ignite your creative spark and sharpen your entrepreneurial acumen. From exploring the latest design trends to uncovering strategies for building successful ventures, we dive deep into the colorful world where aesthetics meet profitability.

Whether you’re a budding interior designer or a savvy entrepreneur, this webcast is your go-to source for inspiration, insights, and a dash of lively conversation. Tune in and let your imagination, business and life take flight!

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